PAPER VERSION If you want to receive every issue in your house you have to click here. It will also be available for all the collegiate from the LASEDE sales points and will be given for free upon showing proof of membership.

PDF VERSION The PDF edition is a digital format of the paper version. It can be flexibly and comfortably read on any electronic device, although an apt programme to read it on is necessary, such as Adobe Reader. The PDF edition is completely free for the COAM collegiate. How to get it: download it here.

IPAD VERSION The digital version for the iPad is available for free for the COAM collegiate. How to get it: through the App Store you can download the Arquitectura_COAM application. Once installed, you access said app with the key which you can get from here. This edition allows you to read the edition offline or online, if you have high bandwidth which avoids it taking up space on your tablet. In order to fully enjoy the larger multimedia content it is recommended to access the edition online.