NEARLY 100 YEARS OF HISTORY Since 1918, COAM’s Arquitectura magazine has made it its business to reveal the state of architecture. In its nearly 100 year trajectory, the ‘Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid’ has witnessed different scenes and conflicts, always maintaining its position as transmitter of activities and interests of the collective. Its history is built of diverse and independent editorial lines, keeping continuity as a fact throughout that upholds a valuable bibliographic background of the changes and circumstances within Madrid’s architecture over the last 90 years.

NEW ERA With issue 366 a new stage has been launched, born with the ambition to find a space where it can identify itself with contemporary times. Format and content have been updated, and its place as a mode of communication has been re-thought with new tools that allow it to do so in a more visual, accessible and interactive way, through which it can participate in the mainstreaming that characterises the cultural setting in which architects find themselves.

PAPER VERSION The printed edition gives continuity to the historic collection of the magazine Arquitectura’s paper issues. Now stapled and stitch-bound, as it was in 1918, fitting together economy and design. How to get a copy: contact Publicaciones de Arquitectura y Arte through their web, email or phone 0034 915546106. Price per issue is 12 euros and 60 euros for 6 issues.


IPAD VERSION A design thought-out exclusively for tablets. One of the first architecture magazines in the world programmed in html5, in such a way the tactile, interactive and multimedia elements are key in its use. The possibility to read online, if a high bandwith is available, without needing to download the content. Edited in English and Spanish in order to facilitate a flexible and extensive international circulation. How to get it: through the App Store the app Arquitectura_COAM is free. Once installed, you can buy the magazine for 2.69 euros per issue or on special offer, 4 issues for 8.99. Even though currently we only have the iPad version available, we’re working on versions for Android and they’ll be here in the near future.

Num. 366. July 2013
Num. 367. November 2013
Num. 368. March 2014
Num. 369. June 2014
Num. 370. September 2014
Num. 371. December 2014